The first room to attack in the Cozee Shack…

is the kitchen!  

The light fixture in this photo worked for, maybe, a week after we moved in.  The fridge was replaced with one that is full size, instead of the semi-mini fridge.  To get it to fit, we removed the top 2 cabinets.  Everything else on this side is basically the same – well, except for 4 missing tiles which I explain in a bit. 


This kitchen is much bigger than the kitchen I had in my apartment.  I can actually fit a table in here  and you can fit more than 2 people!


The first thing we did was take down those shelves on the far wall.  And then a deep scrub to get the rust off of the floor.  The vinyl floor is NOT in great condition.  While vacuuming, pieces of the corners come up.  The edges aren’t really adhered.  I decided it would be a great idea to start to remove them.  2 squares took me about 2 hours.  That glue in the middle is something else… it’s unreal.  After getting all of the residual stickiness up, I decided 2 was enough and there had to be a better way.  A couple months later, I became super aggravated when I tripped over height difference between a tile that was there and a corner that was missing.  I started to furiously rip up another 2 squares, only to remember the absolute pain in ass those other 2 tiles were.  And there I was, tiles up, glue still there, pissed off that I had started this again.  Luckily, that won’t happen again until I am ready to rip up all of them, with a different method that doesn’t take FOREVER.

I had dreams for a cozee, corner nook that ran underneath this window.  Something like this:


The problem I had is my window isn’t the right height for a regular nook.  My nook would have to be taller and I couldn’t find any that were counter height, so  I decided I could build it!
Have I ever built anything before?!  Nope.  Would that stop me?  Nope.  I had faith.  Until I found on one of those local garage sale facebook pages a counter high table, with a built-in leaf, and 4 chairs for sale.  Then reality hit me and I decided that it could possibly take me 12 years to get around to building a nook!  Hell, I don’t even have tools to build a nook – psssht, minor detail!

I also decided that the kitchen was really orange.  The rest of the paneling in the house doesn’t look orange.  This was a debate that the boyfriend and I had.  He didn’t see the orange.  Have I said orange enough here?  lol  I think that the oils or the sun from the windows had tinged the lacquer or something and made this room look different than the rest.  And with the thought of an orange kitchen, I need to :GASP: paint the wood.  It wasn’t a decision taken lightly, but with all the other original wood in the home, I was comfortable with altering the wood in this room.

I don’t know how other people decide on a color scheme.  I always have second thoughts, or ideas that something I like better will come along.  I initially went online looking at fabrics.  After I decided on my favorite, I checked the local fabric store for it only to find out they no longer carried that fabric.  I had to start back at square one.  It turned out better than I expected, because I found “the perfect” fabric and I liked it much better than what I picked out online.  I, of course, had to bring the fabric home and hang it up and live with it for a couple weeks before I could know 100%.


And from there, I made these NO-SEW valances, adapted from Young House Love.  Basically,  from that blog I learned about hem tape, which is THE.BEST shtuff EVA!

(Let’s pretend I am not stupid here for not knowing you could make curtains without actually sewing, ok?  ok!)

From this fabric, the whole kitchen color concept was born.

color scheme


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