Teal Table – ✔

This is a table that I purchased from my mom’s antique shop somewhere around 1999 or 2000.  It does have a matching piece, you can see a part of it on the right side.   They are solid wood and are from the 60’s, I believe.  They worked for me for quite a few years and now it’s time they work for someone else…but in a different color!

teal table

(it still needs a clear coat before I can say it’s finished)

UPDATE – she is finished.
It stayed in this state for quite some time, just waiting for the clear coat to be finished.  This table and I had a love/hate relationship.  I love her now that she is finished, finally, but hated all the extra work that went into her.  Her destiny wasn’t always to be teal.  There was another color between the wood and the teal!  She was white and she was gorgeous and would have been perfect for a little girl’s bedroom.  I got done and sealed it using polyurethane…for those who have made this mistake, you know what I am talking about and are gasping.  You see, when you use polyurethane over white, it yellows.  Not over a long time, but days.  Well, now I know better and won’t be making that mistake again.  You live and learn right?!


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