DIY Crystal Ball Candlesticks

I saw these over at Flamingo Toes.


The instructions said they were easy, but the end result looked high end and I thought I MUST make them.  They are just the right amount of creepy to add to the Cozee Shack.

Things you’ll need:
– Inkjet Transparency Film – looked local, but they were super expensive for A LOT.  I ordered mine on Amazon, $6.00 for 6 sheets and I only used 1

– Candlesticks – any style/any height.  I found mine at Goodwill for less than $2.00 each and spray painted them silver

– Clear Christmas Bulbs  – I got mine at Hobby Lobby.  Flamingo Toes said her size was 70mm, but my store didn’t carry those.  I got 6.8something cm and that worked for me

– Hot Glue

– Tacky adhesive (optional)

– Candle or matches – I tried using the candle as instructed, but I got better/faster results with the matches

Here is the template that The Graphics Fairy and Flamingo Toes created to use for this project.  There are a variety of vintage Halloween images over at The Graphics Fairy, if you want to use something different.


You are going to print this template (or other images of your choice) onto the transparency film.  I did practice runs on plain paper first to make sure that my images fit inside my smaller, clear ornaments.  After I got the size (I reduced my printing to 97%) I attempted to print onto the transparencies.  There are 2 different sides, you are going to want to print on the rougher, not as glossy side.  I also had a problem with my printer not wanting to grab the transparency film…I can’t tell you how many times I tried.  It just would not grab it – kept spitting it out blank and printing on the the next sheet.  Grrrrr!  What I had to do was cut about an inch off the top of the transparency film and tape it (top and bottom) to a piece of plain paper and that finally worked.

After your images print on the transparency paper, you are going to want that to dry before you touch it.  This is when I “smoked” the ornaments.  The ornaments are too clear, so the smoking will help hide the transparency film.


The right side is fresh out of the box, and the left one has been done.  I did try holding the opening of the ornament over the candle, but I was far too impatient for that.  It wasn’t going as quick as I had hoped and I wasn’t seeing progress, so I tried the matches I had on hand and it worked!  I just used ordinary match box matches and lit it, and kind of waved it back and forth under the opening.  Then I stuck the lit match inside the hole and allowed it to burn out on it’s own and smoke in there.  Continue this until you get the look you like.
CAUTION:  FIRE is hot – the glass may get warm and this glass is thin – if it gets too hot the bottom opening will melt.

After you have done your 5 ornaments, it’s safe to say that the ink has dried on the film.  Go on and cut out those shapes.  Cut on the inside of the guide lines.  What worked best here for me was to cut more than a little bit inside the line on the bottom, where it would stick out of the opening. AND about 1/4″ longer than the template’s bottom.  This will help it fit in the center of the ornament.
After you cut out the images, one at a time, roll it up and stick it inside the ornament, while HOLDING THE BOTTOM of the print.  It will unfold by itself and then you just glue the transparency film to the bottom of the ball.  The original instructions say to glue the front and stick the transparency film, but that made my image crooked and I am a bit OCD, so I glued both edges of the film to the ornament.  It’s completely up to you where you glue.

The instructions said to hot glue the ornaments to the candlesticks, but I see that this could be done for Christmas and I want to reuse the candlesticks, so I used sticky tack around the base of the ornament and stuck them into the candlesticks.

See…easy peasy!

Linked to: The Turquoise Room


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