Easy, cheap DIY Halloween decor

As you know, I LOVE Halloween.  What I don’t love is seeing some cool decoration with a hefty price tag.  If I need to have it, I need to have it, but I generally talk myself out of it before I get to the register…And most times I hold out and see if it’s still around AFTER Halloween with a serious markdown.  If it is, then I swoop it up!

I think I may have mentioned that my mom used to have an antique and resale shop.  We used to have all of these Christmas houses that no one would buy.  They weren’t the better looking Department 56 brand, but were some no name, not-my-cup-of tea-decor, that I would never have in my house, not that there’s anything wrong with them.


ya know, these houses?!

However, while unpacking boxes after my move last year, I stumbled across three of these ugly houses.  Maybe they were given to me by my grandma or were hidden as a joke, either way, I have ZERO idea how they ended up in my possession.  I thought about donating them but then it came to me to make them part of my Halloween decor!  AND It would only take a can of spray paint, which I had on hand.

HIDEOUS to HORRIBLE, but in a good way – AND I LOVE THEM!


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