Vintage Record Cabinet – ✔

I love coming across pieces that you can tell have a history.  I found this piece on the side of the road, next to yesterday’s trash, waiting for someone to come and take it away.  Enter me!


I saw it and absolutely fell in love with the uniqueness.  From the front, it looked as if it had 3 drawers.  However, upon further inspection it was a single door that opened up with this strange section of vertical dividers.  I think it must have been a record cabinet, as the mid-century modern style legs date it to that time.  I have never seen anything like this.

This picture makes it look horrible.  And if this was in your vehicle for more than a day, it would make your vehicle smell horrible.  Whoever had this must have been a smoker and kept it in the moist, mildew-y basement since that is what my car smelled like for weeks, even after it was taken out!

I gave it a good cleaning, and spruced it up and here is the handsome cabinet, in all it’s glory.


Linked to:  Beyond the Picket Fence


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