The truth about renovation…

it takes time.

Back in June, I found the color scheme for the kitchen.  At that time, I said I wanted to have the kitchen done by Thanksgiving.  It was a realistic goal. In June.  I have been working on other projects (mainly furniture) and all things Halloween (some that I haven’t posted).  Even when I try to figure out a game plan, it gets so overwhelming.  I mean, where do you start.  I have heard to work from the top down.  It makes sense, but I wanna see results!

The Boy Child helped a ton!  It helps that he is tall. 😉

He removed all the wallpaper.  The wallpaper came down in solid strips, which was good.  The bad part is that because this was some sort of fabric wallpaper, I had fringies coming out from under all the trim.   I know, I know…I could have easily avoided the fringe by removing all the trim.  When I said I wanted to see results, I want to see them quickly and by removing all that trim adds on time that I could be doing something else.  I know, crazy thinking!   I had to go back and use a needle nose pliers to remove all the threads so it doesn’t screw up my paint job.  Can you tell I have a touch of OCD. He also filled all the holes and ripped crazy long nails from trim.

I spent much of the weekend sanding.  Sanding the walls and the trim.  The reason for the orangy goodness walls, I believe, is because of the age and thickness of the poly and the amount of light that the walls have seen.  The first window I did in June took HOURS  to sand all the shininess off.  When I was finally able to stain it, I was over the moon excited with how it turned out.  I did not, however, want to spend all that time sanding the trim  on the windows by the sink.  My idea this weekend was to use gel stain to achieve the same look.  I read that you don’t need to spend that much time sanding here.  It also states not to substitute the gel stain.  But I didn’t have time to wait 5-7 days to get my product so I gambled on Minwax Gel Stain in Walnut.

Did I mention I got flooring for the entire kitchen while there?  I got the greatest deal of the century on a gorgeous floor that looked EXACTLY like what I wanted to do, but out of  plywood!   See, this is how it is…distractions are everywhere.  I haven’t even mentioned how we ripped out some of the counters, because hey, let’s see what it looks like underneath!  And while out getting new plywood for the counter tops, I had a genius idea about baseboards and a backsplash! I digress…

Back to the windows:  I scuffed up the trim and applied some of the stain using a foam brush.  Before I could even process what I was seeing, the Boy Child asked why I wasn’t doing that window black like the other one.  I immediately wiped it off and knew that I wasn’t going to waste ANY time on something that probably wouldn’t work anyways.  So I started sanding.  And then I remembered I bought this stuff that would strip the varnish right off.  Silly me!  I decided to try that on the other window, while I was sanding for the next, what felt like, forever.

It was pretty cold when I started this and I didn’t want to use some product that I would have to open all the windows for ventilation  or would stink up the whole house.  I came across Citristrip Stripping Gel – it had good reviews, so I tried it.  It worked so-so.  I think for lighter layers of varnish it would work really well.  Or maybe I didn’t let it sit long enough.

beforeThis is how shiny the trim was.

And after:

The stripper did an OK job.  I will still have to sand this some to look like the pristine other window my 4 hours of sanding did!


It is gorgeous and ready to stain!


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