Yellow may be the color of sunshine,

and associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.  But that is not what I thought of every time I looked down at the floors in the Cozee Shack kitchen.

I was disgusted.  The vinyl was probably from the 80’s and had the gook and crumbs from then, too!  Some of the corners were coming up because of all the grossness that had accumulated between the tiles and had then migrated to under the tiles.  They would come up while vacuuming and then more dirt would end up underneath.  I could only get so much of it up…and I knew there was more disgusting-ness underneath.  It grossed me out to think about it and I wanted it gone.  I started to remove the tiles earlier on, but it proved to be more time consuming than I ever thought.  I had read that using dry ice would help remove the glue, but didn’t get around to trying out that technique.

On one of our many trips to the hardware store – for stain, I think – I found THE flooring that I needed to have.  I wasn’t planning on purchasing flooring, because I thought the cost would be pretty substantial and I just wasn’t at that point in my head.  I saw on pinterest wide plank floors made out of plywood and they looked amazing!  That was what I was planning.  UNTIL…I saw them.  They were gorgeous.  Stunning, actually.  They were rustic and sleek and everything I wanted in a floor.  And then I saw that they were discontinued and being sold for an incredible price, I knew I had to have them!  The guy at the hardware store had put the icing on the cake when he told us we could lay this right over the existing vinyl!  You didn’t have to tell me twice, we loaded up the toasty and had to figure out how we were going to install it.

Luckily, I have some pretty handy men in my family with lots of tools and bribery is one of my strong suits.  😉  It was planned for the following weekend.
Helpful hint:  read the instructions BEFORE the day of.  It said to bring the flooring into the house and lay it all out and let it accumulate for 3 days prior to installation.  Oooops.  We didn’t do that.  Thankfully, the weather wasn’t that cold and we hadn’t turned our heat on yet so the difference between outside and inside wasn’t so drastic and didn’t cause us any problems.  The other thing we didn’t notice until MUCH later was that the width of each plank varied!  Did you catch that?? Let me elaborate:  there were THREE different size widths of the planks.  This wasn’t going to be easy figuring out the math and if we had enough.  My brain was in a state of confusion.

We did have to prep the floors.  Here is what we were dealing with:
You can tell that the bottom triangle piece was missing for a while because the dirt stuck to the adhesive and is, well, dirty.  The floor also made some noise when you walked, like a sticking noise.  And then a popping noise after a couple seconds.  We did NOT want that noises to continue after the new floors were in, so we spent a good deal of time figuring out how to fix that.  We tried screwing the corners of the vinyl down – that didn’t work.  Someone mentioned taking up all the tiles but I convinced them that was not a good plan at all.  We laid a couple of planks on the floor and walked over a spot that we knew made noise – we still heard it.  Then we put the underlayment over the vinyl but under the planks  and alas!  NO NOISE!

One last thing we had to do was to make sure the vinyl was all even before we put down the underlayment.  We decided to pull up all of the loose corners and fill it in with another piece of ugly cheap vinyl.  We knew we had 4 squares that needed to be replaced anyways {ya know, the ones I ripped up?!?}, so we grabbed some extra squares.  We pulled up the loose corners and used that as a stencil to trace the shape on the new vinyl and cut it out and placed it where there was bare sub floor, but because the new stuff was thinner, we had to use 2 layers.  It didn’t need to be perfect or pretty, but it had to fill in most of the gap.

Let me add that I did clean the nasty vinyl earlier that morning with hot water and bleach – because everything is cleaner with bleach and bleach makes things smell clean!

Here is our lovely patch work!  I’m not sure which vinyl is prettier, lol

I did write a little note on the vinyl for anyone who may decide to rip up our floors in the very far out, much distant future.  I always hoped to find an old time capsule or something hidden in an old piece of furniture that would tell me about the person it belonged to.  We found a notebook in a closet of the Cozee Shack with the owner’s handwriting and an old photo of her and someone else when they were young girls.  We have also had many people stop by to tell us stories about Grace, the wonderful woman who used to own our home.   They were all relieved to hear that the house went to people who love it as much as she did…I wish that I could have met her myself…but I digress.
time capsule
We had a lot of really wonky cuts, so it took us about 10 hours to finish, although that included prep time and time to eat.  It was a long day but SO worth it.  And you remember how I said there were three different widths?  Well, inside the package, on the instructions {go figure} it showed the pattern to use to make sure you got the approximate 30 sq. feet of flooring each box contained.  The only real issue was how to fit the last couple of rows so that your cuts weren’t too short.

The yellow is slowly fading, but the joy, happiness and energy is there minus the disgusting vinyl floor!

If I can give any advice it would be:
–  Make sure you have something under your knees, you will be on them a lot!
–  Measure twice, cut once.
–  Make sure you have good music to help pass the time.
–  Read the directions first – preferably as soon as you get the flooring.
–  Have a couple of tape measures on hand, you will most likely lose one.
–  Start tapping the rows when installing from the beginning, not at the end like we did.


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