Happy New Year…

a tad late.

I realize it could be considered close to the middle of January, and I haven’t been around since oh, sometime in November.  But let me tell you, renovating during the holidays is a TERRIBLE idea!  In the middle of the wreckage of the kitchen and trying to get things in order, you fall behind on decorating.  Or you decorate, but minimally.  I fall into the second category.

We got our tree and put it up, but I didn’t actually decorate it until a couple nights before Christmas and even then there were, maybe, 12 ornaments on it.  There was just so much to do in the kitchen.  So many little things that you don’t think about until you are actually doing – or going to do but you need to do x, y or z beforehand.  It gets annoying…but when you see progress, it is amazing!

Here’s some of what’s been happening {tutorials/pics to follow}:

– painted the cabinets

 – pipe fittings projects

 – tried out some new recipes for the holidays

 – special, handmade birthday gift for my sweet sister

 – much needed, wonderful time to relax with the boy child and the boyfriend

 – and some sparse Christmas projects.

Here’s hoping that 2015 is the best yet!
happy new year


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