Old is the new NEW! or is new the new old?

I don’t know what it is to tell you the truth…and it really doesn’t matter!

I love the look and feel of old.  Furniture that looks new and flawless makes me feel like I am 8 again, like I shouldn’t touch it or I worry that I will break or ruin it.   That isn’t how I want to live in my home.  The Cozee Shack is a place that is really lived in and loved – every piece in it!  It’s warm and cozee, quaint and comfortable.  I love the character of all the pieces that we have collected and will collect.  When it came time to add shelves to the kitchen, I couldn’t use brand new wood planks and it wasn’t in the budget to get some reclaimed wood so I made my own shelves that have the look of old and rustic/distressed.  Rustic is currently THE word in the house.  If anything happens, it’s rustic.  For example, if I bang a cabinet and it leaves a mark, it’s rustic.  Paintbrush slips and I get paint on something?  It’s rustic.  Drop the hammer?  Yep, you guessed it, it’s rustic!  It works out really well for my OCD as nothing has to be perfect!

Getting back to the shelves…these are totally easy to do.  You can bang it out in a day.  The most time consuming part of this is waiting for the paint to dry.

I got my lumber from my local home improvement store.

I wanted my pieces to have more variations in the colors, so I chose pieces that were very knotty.
new lumber
Sand your lumber using a higher grit sandpaper to smooth the wood so it won’t give you splinters.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Paint your lumber.  I used a white base paint color.  Let that dry.  Then sand the wood again.   This time, use a lower grit sandpaper.  I used 150 grit.  Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  It’s going to look rustic, lol.  Wherever you sand is where your stain is going to appear.  How dark depends on how much you sand.  I sanded more where there were knots, along the edges or spots where the grain was unusual and I wanted to see that.

Next you are going to apply your stain over the paint.  I use Minwax Ebony Stain.  I also like to use a rag and some gloves.  Apply the stain over the top and sides.  Wipe off with clean rag.  Continue doing so until you get the color you like.  It’s going to go on dark and it will scare you.  Don’t be scared!

distressing wood during

The left side is only paint {and grubby finger marks from the stain} and the right side is after just wiping the stain on.

DIY distressed wood

This is with 1 coat of stain and the top being wiped down.


The top right piece is still only paint.  The bottom left piece is after 2 coats of stain, with the right side being wiped down already.

Allow to dry and repeat on the other side.


Let dry and you are done!  That wasn’t so hard, now was it?!

Here are the finished pipe fitting shelves using these distressed boards {please don’t mind the bare-ness.  Decorating is still in the works}

pipe fitting shelves with distressed boards


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